The Network of Public Analysts

Since 2008 ASTI works to involve civil society organizations in implementation and monitoring of the PRS and further institutionalization of public monitoring system through established network of national analysts.

Monitoring of the Poverty Reduction Strategy

The project "Monitoring of Poverty Reduction Strategy", is realized with the support of the ACT Central Asia and is aimed at promoting civil society participation in monitoring national programs, the institutionalization of public monitoring and improving the effectiveness of development programs.

Program Research and Advocacy

Program Research and Advocacy of ASTI implemented since 2003. During this time, the program performed a series of studies aimed at examining the issues of poverty and the effectiveness of development programs, and the results of these studies later became the basis of project activities. Component Advocacy Program began to implement since 2006, when ASTI realized the need to impact on macro-level to strengthen the voice and role of civil society in reducing poverty in the country.

Philosophy of the Program

At the present time in Tajikistan are realizing the National Strategy of Development (NSD) for the period up to 2015 and the Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) for 2007-2009, which designed to systematization the process of country development on long-term view in concordance with Millennium Development Goals.

Regions of Activity