Consulting Services

As a result of long and scrupulous work, we assembled a team of professionals ready to prepare your business for growth. Solutions in the areas of strategic management, based on professionally designed methodology, will help you choose the optimal way for developing your company and avoid errors that can affect your business in the future. By attracting our specialists, you get an opportunity to make informed and tested decisions about the future of your company.

Business consultancy

  • Strategic planning
  • Determining the optimum company development strategy
  • Determining specific steps for further development of the company
  • Creating business plans and setting objectives for achieving the strategic goals
  • Company positioning in the market
  • Designing contingency plans to react to critical failures in the operation of the company


Operations management

  • Establishing a budgeting and forecasting system; establishing logistics system
  • Optimizing organizational and operational structure
  • Determining the advisability of optimization
  • Determining the centers and ranges of responsibility, key business processes, decision-making channels
  • Designing proposals to optimize functions
  • Designing regulations on structural units, terms of reference, staff register
  • Designing internal communication system
  • Designing the schedules of business processes and information streams
  • Designing action plans to implement optimized organizational and functional structure
  • Automating business processes and document circulation


Operational audit

  • Studying and evaluating the efficiency of organizing business processes
  • Evaluating the efficiency of business processes operation
  • Implementing agreed procedures


Sector analysis of the market

  • Comprehensive analysis of the markets/sectors
  • Pre-investment evaluation of the markets


Management consultancy

  • Consultations on organizational development
  • Strategic planning
  • Corporate management
  • Financial management and budgeting
  • Operations management
  • Attracting volunteers
  • Establishing associations
  • Evaluating the needs and demands of the organization


Consultations on human resources management

  • Managing human resources
  • Time management


Consultations on project management and evaluation

  • Designing projects in accordance with logical framework approach
  • Evaluating project impact
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the projects
  • Reporting
  • Efficient resource management


Consultations on implementing product quality management in accordance with ISO 9000 international standard

  • Diagnostics
  • Designing documentation packs
  • Implementing processes in the company
  • Personnel training and implementation
  • Audit and certification


Consultations on implementing and managing food safety systems according to HACCP and ISO 22000 international standard

  • Diagnostics
  • Designing documentation packs
  • Implementing processes in the company
  • Personnel training and implementation
  • Audit and certification


Microfinancing, basics of accounting and financial management

  • Organizing microfinancing operations
  • Accounting at MFI
  • Financial analysis at MFI
  • Financial management and fundraising



  • Prioritizing the problems and their resolution -participation technology (PRA, PCA)
  • Project-based thinking and project design
  • Strategic planning
  • Operational planning
  • Business planning
  • Participation as the basis for development
  • Basics of joint study and planning (Main principles and methods of PCA)


Basic ideas and instruments of monitoring and evaluation

  • Result based management
  • A system of qualitative and quantitative indicators
  • Programs and projects monitoring and evaluation system
  • Reporting


Basics of entrepreneurship

  • How to start up and develop a business
  • Practical entrepreneurship skills
  • Legal basis and regulating entrepreneurship



  • Gender
  • Women's rights


Managing public opinion

  • Interaction of press services with mass media
  • Building the image of the organization
  • Working with the media


Conflict management

  • Conflict and methods for its resolution: mediation and negotiations
  • Conflict resolution


Basics of leadership

  • Efficient team-building skills
  • Practical leadership skills
  • Leadership in the time of change


Practical marketing

  • Basics of marketing knowledge
  • Social marketing


Establishing associations

  • Experience of association building
  • Planning products and services of the association

Our experts have more than 15 years of experience in designing capacity-building programs for Civil Society organizations.

If you want to become a leading organization representing social interests of a large group of people, you cannot do without practical skills in the area of public development, social innovation, adult education and comprehensive poverty-reduction programs.

If you want to achieve success in this area, you need knowledge and expertise in the area of institutionalization and organizational development.

We are ready to become your professional guides in this!


Financial consultancy

  • Establishing a financial accounting system
  • Designing a methodological base for performing financial accounting
  • Testing client's methodological base for possible errors


Accounting assistance in accordance with IFRS and GAAP

  • Accounting and preparation of financial reporting in accordance with IFRS, GAAP and national legislation
  • Preparing and submitting reports to the government authorities (State Tax Inspection, Social fund, Statistics Committee) and for donor agency (according provided format);
  • Consultations on accounting-related issues and application of IFRS statements
  • Monitoring the changes in legislation related to accounting and IFRS


Establishing a management accounting system

  • Designing the structure of management accounting (cost centers)
  • Determining key performance indicators for the company
  • Designing management accounting forms, determining the schedule for submission
  • Calculating the cost of goods and services sold
  • Managing accounts receivable and payable
  • Budgeting


Automating accounting - implementation of financial and management information systems 

  • Designing accounting automation strategy;
  • Choosing and implementing software;
  • Training and support


Financial review

  • A review of the company's financial status
  • Independent analysis of the client's operation using various analytical instruments and prompt notification of the company management about possible risks
  • Due Diligence on investment projects


Implementation of "1C: Enterprise" information system

  • Conducting trainings and seminars for the client's staff on various topics in the aforementioned sections.

Our accounting specialists have rich experience in establishing and maintaining financial and management accounting and practical experience of working with large companies. If you want to keep abreast of the changes in your company, increase savings through cost optimization and be prepared for further development - you are our client. Our team offers the professionalism and substantial practical experience that will help you in establishing a responsible, manageable and growing company. 


Tax consultancy

  • Tax review
  • Analysis of the current status of tax accounting and payment system
  • Determining and evaluating the current tax liabilities and risk evaluation


Tax optimization

  • Determining strategic solutions in the area of tax accounting and payment system
  • Building the "best practices" system in the area of control and management of the company tax flows
  • Creating a manual to implement tax strategy with specific and practical examples of work
  • Presenting solutions on tax optimization to the customer's representatives


Taxation maintenance

  • Consultations on tax consequences related to changes in the legislation
  • Tax policy maintenance
  • Services for calculation and payment of all types of taxes
  • Representing our clients in the taxation authorities
  • Preparing tax reports and declarations


Tax consultations

  • Consultation on taxation-related issues for foreign companies
  • Consultations on taxation risks when entering new and foreign markets
  • Tax consultations when resolving conflicts with controlling authorities

Our specialists are constantly working on improving the taxation environment for entrepreneurs in Central Asia.

By working in partnership with us, you will receive regular analytical reports on the taxation situation, have constant support of the best specialists in the region and can always count on us with any tax-related issues.

Contact us, and we will be happy to present you our services and the way we can help you in resolving your taxation-related issues.


Engineering consultancy

  • Designing buildings and facilities, equipment installation and launch 
  • Designing project documents and cost estimates
  • Designing and installing equipment and facilities
  • Testing client's projects for errors


Preparing cost estimates

  • Preparing cost estimates and budgets for all kinds of works consulted
  • Prompt notification of the company management about possible risks
  • Due diligence of investment projects


Supplying the necessary technologies

  • Supplying the necessary technologies
  • Sourcing equipment for a given technology
  • Teaching how to use the technology


Engineering maintenance

  • Consultations on the issues of civil engineering, choice of materials
  • Consultations on choosing equipment
  • Checking equipment for compliance with the set parameters
  • Services for official (government and regulator) registration of equipment launch



Tolerance and its types

"Tolerance and its types", was the topic of the workshop organized in the Hostel #2, of Khujand city.

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