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In the framework of European Commission program "To alleviate poverty through employment and income generation in Sughd and Khatlon regions of Tajikistan" a new project " Poverty Alleviation in Tajikistan through Education and Non-formal Training (PATENT)" is starting. Project will implement in Sughd and Khatlon provinces of Tajikistan during 24 months by the Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association (dvv international) and Association of Scientific and Technical Intelligentsia of Tajikistan (ASTI). Project PATENT is providing jointly by European Commission and Federal Department on Economic Cooperation and Development of German.

Cooperation Group

The Cooperation Group on Realization and Monitoring of the Poverty Reduction Strategy presented by 19 public organizations with many years of experience in development programs in different regions of the country.

Education of labour migrants and the unemployed in Tajikistan

Since March 2009 a new phase of the project "Education of labour migrants and the unemployed in Tajikistan" has begun. This project is being implemented since 2003 in cooperation with the representation of the Institute for International Cooperation of the German Association of Public Universities (dvv international).

Support for small and medium-sized enterprises

The project "Support to small and medium enterprises processing fruit and vegetable production in Tajikistan " The project is funded by the European Union through an international organization HILFSWERK AUSTRIA in partnership with the NGO "Association of Scientific and Technical Intelligentsia" Aim of the project To promote the strengthening of agribusiness intermediaries in Sughd and Khatlon Oblasts of Tajikistan, to introduce new innovative business ideas and improve services rendered to SME and start-ups activities in the food processing and packing sector.

Project “Establishment of youth leaders network”

The project aims is to increase youth participation in solving actual problems of society, increase their sense of confidence, self-sufficiency through improved access to information and to gain the necessary leadership skills.

Youth Center «Youth Power» in Khujand

The beginning of the Center was made possible with the implementation of two youth projects "Establishment of a youth leadership Networks" and "Human Rights in school." In order to increase the capacity of youth in solving the problems of community systematically carried out: - trainings - actions - youth programs


The main aim of the project: To improve the capability of local inhabitants on preparedness to natural disasters and response to their appearance.


The project the MARKET + - rendering of qualitative marketing services for expansion of opportunities of businessmen and increases of their incomes with the purpose of effective development of new or existing business in the Central - Asian Republics.



Радиопрограмма в прямом эфире

3 декабря 2018 года в рамках глобальной акции «16 дней активных действий против насилия в отношении женщин» в городе Исфара была транслирована радиопрограмма в прямом эфире с участием руководителя Представителя уполномоченного по правам человека в Республике Таджикистан в Согдийской области Хамидовым Нурулло Абдуваххобовичем.


Уважительное отношение мужа к жене

В рамках глобальной акции «16 дней активных действий против насилия в отношении женщин» ОО «АНТИ» провела информационную встречу для жителей джамоатов Сурх, Ворух и Чорку на тему “Уважительное отношение мужа к жене”.


Внимание конкурс!

В рамках глобальной акции «16 дней активных действий против насилия в отношении женщин» ОО «АНТИ» с 1 ноября по 1 декабря 2018 года проводит конкурс на лучший рисунок и лучшее сочинение на тему «В чем заключается секрет семейного счастья» и «Мы против домашнего насилия».

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