Misson of ASTI

A Non-government, Nonprofit Public Organization promoting the development of democratic reforms and improvement of quality of life of the citizens in the Republic of Tajikistan, through the effective use the potential of scientific and technical intelligentsia and strengthening the role of non-profit sector by realizing of social, informational, coordinating, educational, consulting programs.

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Regions of Activity


Social Programms

Social aspects of the ASTI - a set of organizational, legal and economic measures aimed for the social sector, improving the quality of life and especially socially vulnerable groups.


Employees of organizations are working to transfer the necessary skills, knowledge and experience, as its target group, and all other interested parties so that they can successfully adapt to the new social and economic conditions in the country and protect its position under these circumstances.


Advocacy companies engaged ASTI aimed at promoting the interests the population of Tajikistan. The program is implemented through strengthening civil and close cooperation with the authorities at all three levels.

Youth Programs

ASTI youth program - a program aimed at the age category, and offers young people a wide range of different cultural and educational opportunities.

Business development

Development of business of ASTI sees in both producers and processors with farming, which includes: - increase the production of crops - Improvement of methods and technologies through the introduction of more advanced and modern technology - development and support of small processing enterprises at the local level - finding suitable and profitable markets both within the country and internationally, and activation of the sector for the processing and packaging of food products. - improving the quality of services aimed at supporting small and medium enterprises

Regional cooperation

All problems in the Ferghana Valley have regional character and can not be solved in only one country, we need concerted action of all countries, inhabiting the Ferghana Valley. ASTI is one of the initiators of networking in region to reduce the level of conflict and security communities.





Ҷавонон низоми ислоҳоти САҲШ-ро вусъат мебахшанд

Маҳз баъди тренинги омӯзишӣ оид ба асосҳои театр барои тренерон имконияти мазкур, ба даҳ нафар ҷавонони ноҳияи Рӯдакӣ ба даст омад. Чорабинї аз 27 то 31 август дар доираи лоињаи "Дастгирии ислоҳоти низоми сабти асноди ҳолати шаҳрвандӣ дар Тоҷикистон" бо дастгирии Намояндагии Хазинаи нуфуси Созмони милали муттаҳид дар Тоҷикистон бо роҳандозии Ассотсиатсияи зиёиёни илмӣ-техникии Тоҷикистон доир гардид.


Мастер-класс дар Хистеварз доир шуд

Гурӯҳи тамосии ҷавонони ноҳияи Бобоҷон Ғафуров ба ҳамсолони худ аз деҳаҳои наздисарҳадии Хистеварз (Тоҷикистон) ва Борбордук (Қирғизистон) дастагул тӯҳфа намуданд. Дастагул оддӣ набуда, аз сабзавоту меваҷот иборат мебошад.