29 nov 2022

Tolerance and its types

"Tolerance and its types", was the topic of the workshop organized in the Hostel #2, of Khujand city. The purpose of the workshop was to increase the awareness and potential of young girls, as well as to draw their attention to the problem of violence. During the workshop participants got information about the concept of tolerance, types of tolerance and when one should be patient in a family. Also, Abdukarimova Ravziyakhon, the teacher of the hostel, spoke at the event and talked about how to lead a healthy lifestyle, how to build an exemplary family, how to protect ourself from different situations. Participants actively participated in the workshop and expressed their opinion on the topic.
This event is held by PO "ASTI" with the support of the OSCE Programme Office in Dushanbe

Other news

17 dec 2021

Two-days training for lawers in Rudaki

PO ASTI carried out two-days training for lawers in Rudaki on providing victims of violence with legal concealing within the framework of the project “To build the capacity and increase the gender sensitivity of Judges

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