About ASTI

Association of Scientific and Technical Intelligentsia of Tajikistan


A Non-government, Nonprofit Public Organization promoting the development of democratic reforms and improvement of quality of life of the citizens in the Republic of Tajikistan, through the effective use the potential of scientific and technical intelligentsia and strengthening the role of non-profit sector by realizing of social, informational, coordinating, educational, consulting programs.


that every person has right to:  

  • sufficient and qualitative food;
  • appropriate paid job;
  • innocuous environment;
  • good education and qualitative medical service;
  • defense from armed conflicts and destructive disasters;
  • social involvement and political liberty;
  • self-determination;


  • 09.18.1995 Official Birthday of Association of Scientific and Technical intelligentsia (ASTI) 
  • 1997 Strategic document had developed, according which the main priority of the activity was chosen struggle against poverty in the region.
  • 2000 Two subdivisions, developed by ASTI – Agency Support of the Development Processes Nau (ASDP Nau ) and Agency Support of the Development Processes (ASDP Khujand ) have registered as independent organizations and have begun self-employment. 
  • 2003 ASTI began actively implement in Tajikistan approaches and methods: 
  • Adult Education 
  • Live Long Learning 
  • 2004 ASTI took part in creation and coordination of the activity of Farghona Valley NGOs network - “Valley of Peace”. 
  • 2005 Association of Scientific and Technical Intelligentsia registered as the Republican Public Organization. 
  • 2005 ASTI established Micro Loan Fund “ASTI”. 
  • 2005 ASTI set up and facilitate the activity of the Cooperation Group for the Implementation and Monitoring of the PRS (Poverty Reduction Strategy). 
  • 2006 ASTI participated in creation and development of Adult Education Association of Tajikistan. 
  • 2009 PO ASTI established public organization "Youth Initiative for Development"

Directions of activity:

  • Contribution in poverty reduction in Tajikistan;
  • Development and realization of educational programs;
  • Development and realization of programs on community health care; 
  • Strengthening of Civil Society;
  • Contribution in to the development of democratic transformation;
  • Conductance of research and realization of Advocacy policy;
  • Organizational development and management;
  • Marketing and development of agribusiness, marketing research;
  • Realization of activities on strengthening adaptation of vulnerable rural population to market conditions;
  • Reduction of conflicts in border areas of Tajikistan;
  • Disaster risk reduction; 
  • Environment protection.



Tolerance and its types

"Tolerance and its types", was the topic of the workshop organized in the Hostel #2, of Khujand city.

Regions of Activity