1 oct 2011

Community security in the Ferghana valley

Within the framework of the second phase of the program “Community security in the Ferghana valley - the consolidation and expansion of approaches to security, oriented to people”, jointly implemented with PO “ASTI” and IO “Saferworld” from April 2012, a number of activities aimed at consolidating the cooperation of the population of target communities with local government and law enforcement agencies have been carried out.

These activities are directed to solve issues of personal safety, as well as measures to improve relations between residents of border target communities of RT and KR, with the involvement of local authorities and law enforcement bodies of the two countries. These activities include organization of meetings for police inspectors with the representatives of local communities, trainings on capacity building of members of initiative groups on security, measures on the improvement of relations of youth in cross-border communities of Tajikistan and the Kyrgyz Republic.

Other news

12 oct 2015

Beautiful and durable fence!

10.12.2015 year in the village of "Khushvakht" J. "Zargar" Bohtar district mahalla committee in conjunction with the Women's Club "Orzu" started realization of the project of public initiatives.

2 aug 2017

Ҳамкорӣ асоси муоширати самаранок аст

Дар нимаи дуввуми рӯз иштирокчиён ғайрат мекарданд, ба василаи машқҳои математикӣ маҳорати шунидани мусоҳибро пайдо намоянд ва ҳамин тавр, фазои ҳамдигарфаҳмиро ба вуҷуд оранд. Ҳар лаҳза зикр мешуд, ки дастрасӣ ба иттилооти дуруст низ барои ба роҳ мондани робита нақши муҳим мебозад. Иштирокчиён дар машғулият шоҳид шуданд, ки чӣ гуна маълумот аз нафари панҷум ба шашум дар шакли ғалат пешниҳод гардид.

Regions of Activity