16 mar 2022

The state structures and individuals that provide free legal aid to SGBV

The state structures and individuals that provide free legal aid to SGBV victims have to be linked with the other service providers, such as health, social services and shelters. To achieve this goal, 7 mini-forums will be organized, where 140 representatives of all the above services will be invited. Mini-forums will provide a platform for open discussion of issues related to identifying and responding to SGBV cases, providing timely free legal, psychological, social assistance to victims of violence, and their further support.
Today, on March 16, 2022, the first mini-forum was carried out in Bobojon Gafurov district of Soghd region. The participants developed a set of measures to interact and strengthen cooperation between all services that aim to prevent domestic violence and provide with free legal, social, medical services. Mini forum was held in partnership with the committee on women and family affairs of B. Gafurov district within the framework of the project “To build the capacity and increase the gender sensitivity of Judges, Police Officers and state legal aid lawyers for more effective investigation, prosecution and adjudication of SGBV related cases". The project is part of the Spotlight Initiative, which aims to end all forms of violence against women and girls by 2030, as part of a multi-year global partnership between the European Union and the United Nations.

Other news

23 nov 2015

Цикл воркшопов

С 4- го по 23 ноября в рамках проекта «Мир начинается с нас», финансируемого UNICEF, в джамоатах и селах г.Исфарфы и Б. Гафуровского района был проведен цикл воркшопов.

15 jan 2017

Workshop for teachers of target schools on “Healthy Lifestyle”

Within the framework of the project “Peace and cooperation begins with us”, funded by UNICEF, from 11 to 14 January 2017, the first of two planned workshop on “Healthy Lifestyles” was held for teachers of target schools of B. Gafurov district and Isfara.

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