29 jun 2013

NGO Network of the Farghona valley - Dolina Mira

Network of NGOs of Ferghana Valley "Dolina Mira" - a voluntary informal association of non-profit, non-governmental organizations of Farghona valley, which is an open, public, not for profit, not political organization.

The network was established at the General Assembly in April 2004.

Members of the network are non-governmental organizations in border areas of the Fergana Valley of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, officially registered in their countries, interested in achieving the goals and objectives of the Network.

At the strategic planning of the Network in 2006, members of the Network were defined mission, goals, objectives and main directions of the Network.

Vision of the Network

Fergana Valley - the valley of tolerance, cooperation and peace.

Mission Network

- Contribute to the prevention and reduction of tension in the region

- Promote regional cooperation in the Ferghana Valley by strengthening interaction between public institutions of three countries.

Goals of the Network

- Strengthening of regional cooperation, an atmosphere of trust and partnership in the Ferghana Valley

- Development and implementation of various joint regional projects

- Capacity Building of the Network members.

Program Components of the Network


- Promoting cross-border cooperation in the Ferghana Valley

- Assistance in activation of youth in addressing the problems of the Ferghana


- Contribute to improving the management of distribution of natural resources of Ferghana Valley

- Organizational

-To increase the capacity of the Network members

-Information and Communication

-Fundraising and sustainability

Network of NGOs "Dolina Mira" realizes its thematic activities under the consolidated projects, as well as small grants program.

In the initial stage of its activity when members of the network did not have much experience cooperation activity, it was assumed that it was necessary to realize activities through direct involvement of the coordinating bodies of the Network in program activities of the Network members. As a result, during the implementation of the consolidated project of the Network, NGOs - members of the network implemented activities on the basis of a single plan - the consolidated project. Management of NGOs in the field was carried out by the secretariat, which was assigned a greater load on the management of the consolidated project. Thus, from August up to December 2004, the Network has implemented a consolidated project "Monitoring the situation on passing borders in the Ferghana Valley”. The experience of the consolidated project showed that a joint effort to solve problems can give multiple multiplication of positive results, which gave opportunity for implementation of the second and third consolidated youth project " Ferghana Valley - our common home"

Conclusions of the consolidated project enabled members of the Network to the next, more complicated kind of partnership activities - small grants program “Promoting to improvement of cross-border cooperation in the Ferghana Valley”. Under these programs, NGO partners have implemented the cross-border projects based on the needs of their region, their community. Responsibility for projects management and their logistics, in this stage has passed from the members of the secretariat to project managers, thus enhancing their independence and sustainability. However, the greatest result was that NGOs developed ways to intervene in solving the problems in the field based on the local situation, which was the most effective in solving the problems of border communities.

Despite the fact that the specifics of program management of network members in the above two areas were different, they represent a phased development of program activity of the Network.

In its work the Network “dolina Mira” pays special attention to its organizational / institutional development, which allows to create conditions for long-term and consistent work in the development of cross-border partnerships, as well as to the sustainability of its development.

The General Assembly is the supreme governing body of the network and meets once a year.

At every general meeting of the analysis of the past year and planning for next year, the adoption of new instruments and new network members are conducted. During the period of the Network activity the following basic documents of the Network have adopted:

- Charter (2004), amended and supplemented in 2005 and 2006 (rus)

- Code of Ethics Network (2004) (rus)

- Program policy of the network (2006) (rus)

For more information about the Network of NGOs of the Fergana Valley - the Valley of Peace "is available on the official site www.dolinamira.org

Other news

23 feb 2017

Grant commission

The purpose of the grant commission was to determine the winners of the mini-projects, that have been developed previously during two cycles of seminars by pupils of target schools of border jamoats of Isfara and B. Gafurov district.

1 oct 2012

Second phase of Small Grant Program

On September 29 launched a competition for organizations – member of the Network “The valley of peace” on receiving small grants.

Regions of Activity