Within the framework of the project "Strengthening cooperation between the youth of the border communities of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan" an international festival "Flowers-Apricot-2017" was held in Batken city on April 8 of this year.

Apricots are the visiting card of the Batken region. Uryukovye gardens in this territory occupy almost eight thousand hectares. Fresh fruits and dried dried apricots are exported to several countries, primarily to Russia and Kazakhstan.

Representatives of the executive bodies of the local authorities of Isfara, international
organizations, businessmen and guests from neighboring Tajikistan were invited to the event. Along with the guests, a special invitation was given to the members of the established Contact Groups of youth from the communities of Vorukh, Lakkon, Chorkuh and Hochai Alo, which were created within the framework of the "Cross-border cooperation" project.

During the holiday, the guests were offered various treats from apricot.

The holiday of Apricot is a holiday that, along with other historical holidays, unites our peoples and links the sites of good-neighborliness and mutual understanding.



Семинар на тему «Основы коммуникации»

12 февраля 2019 года в городе Исфара был проведен семинар на тему «Основы коммуникации, психология и этика семейных отношений». На данное мероприятие были приглашены участники из целевых джамоатов- Сурх, Чорку и Ворух.


Preparation to the spring work in the garden

Within the framework of the project “Supporting civil society in applying Community Based Rehabilitation for persons with disabilities in Ayni district”, implemented in partnership with the Branch of the German Caritas Association in Tajikistan and with financial support ...

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