28 jan 2022

Training for judges in Yovon

PO ASTI carried out two-days training for judges in Yovon district of Khatlon region on January 27-28, 2022 within the framework of the project “To build the capacity and increase the gender sensitivity of Judges, Police Officers and state legal aid lawyers for more effective investigation, prosecution and adjudication of SGBV related cases". The project is part of the Spotlight Initiative, which aims to end all forms of violence against women and girls by 2030, as part of a multi-year global partnership between the European Union and the United Nations.

Other news

19 may 2021

The rise in divorce rates among young couples

Family breakdown is rise these days and is a cause for concern for parents, but it is also a problem for young people themselves. One of the reasons for the divorce of young families is the migration.

5 apr 2017

Exhibition of drawings

Within the framework of the project “Peace and cooperation begins with us”, on April 5, 2017, another exhibition was held at school No. 29 of Surkh jamoat.

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