1 sep 2019

The project title: “Social empowerment of the parents of children with Down Syndrome in Tajikistan”

The project title: “Social empowerment of the parents of children with Down Syndrome in Tajikistan”.

Donor: US Embassy in Tajikistan


Partner: “Nazari digar” initiative


Period of implementation: September 2019 – February 2020


Target zones: Khujand, Bobojon Gafurov and Jabbor Rasulov districts


Goal: To assist in socialization and psychological integration of the parents and children with Down syndrome.


  1. Organize psychological group consultations for mothers of the children with DS
  2. Build capacity of the parents on leadership and communication
  3. Render therapeutic support to the children with DS
  4. Establish a network on support of the children with DS


The project’s outcomes:

  • The mothers of the children with Down syndrome became more open and overcame their own fear. They gained self esteem and became self-confident. Now they are not afraid and not feel ashamed of telling openly about having DS kids and do not want to keep their children in isolation anymore.
  • The DS kids are provided with the necessary medical assistance and psychological support that they did not receive before. The project contributed to socialization of the kids who were isolated from the society at their homes before.
  • The project revealed the problems and gaps that Tajik society has in regard with the people with Down syndrome. It showed how hard is the position of the DS kids and their families in our society and assisted in raising public awareness on the DS issue. The project activities promoted unity of the society, including government, state structures, public organizations, international agencies and the population as a whole in supporting people with DS.
  • For many years the Association of scientific technical intelligenzia has been working in the sphere of women social and economic empowerment and prevention of domestic violence. The project helped to widen our focus on women who have DS kids and children with disabilities as a whole.

Other news

2 apr 2015

Seminar on legal norms of doing business for 30 women from the target clubs

Public organization "Association of Scientific and Technical Intelligent of Tajikistan" in the framework of the project "The Power of Women in Women's Club. Entrepreneurship in practice ", held on a two-day seminar on the legal norms of doing business for 30 women from the target clubs.

13 aug 2015

Consultations are continuing ..

The project "The power of women in the women's clubs. Entrepreneurship in practice," women from 10 women's clubs Khatlon had the opportunity to continue to receive professional advice from consultants from the Sogd region, prepared earlier in the project "The power of women in the Women's Club", implemented by the Foundation Education Democracy in partnership with the New Generation.

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